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Return To Middle C: The Second Edition

Return To Middle CAcross the street lives a mysterious man who resides in a white mansion forbiddingly ensconced within an immense perimeter of wrought iron fencing. Fat, bald, and hopeless looking, the man does have at least one endearing quality: his apparent love for the stray cats he takes in.

Delora Calatrava, his new and only neighbor in an otherwise lonely cul-de-sac, is convinced this man has lost everything that ever mattered to him. She has discerned this just by peering through binoculars from her second floor bedroom while the man seemingly rocks his life away on his front porch swing, his feline friends keeping him company.

What Delora doesn’t know is that this man’s name is Ben Davenport, once one of the world’s most famous rock musicians. Six years ago, following his band’s grand finale tour performance in Orlando, Florida, Ben exited the stage to discover his wife had fled the country with another man, taking Ben’s five-year-old son Bryan with her.

Following an exhaustive and fruitless worldwide four-year search for his son, Ben took up residence in the city where he last saw Bryan, hoping that just maybe his son would somehow be returned to him. After two years have passed, Ben’s hopes are fading fast.

But across the street lives a woman who doesn’t believe in ever giving up on anything. Ben soon discovers that Delora Calatrava is a force of human nature that cannot be turned away. Her friendship, understanding, and boundless determination have fueled his will to come back to life, driving his spiritual rebirth and giving him the strength to attempt taking back all he has lost: his music, his faith in God, and, most importantly, his missing son. This time, Ben Davenport will never stop looking.

And, along the way, perhaps he can summon the courage from within his broken heart to love another woman again.

Return To Middle C is a story about the healing power of love, hope, music, and unwavering faith.

The second edition of Return To Middle C is now available exclusively from the Amazon Kindle Store.