BLOW THAT FUCKER UP Now Available For Pre-Sale From’s Kindle Store for $1.99! To be released Christmas morning!

New Release Announcement: Blow That Fucker Up

I now introduce to the world my new novel, titled Blow That Fucker Up, a love story set in Orlando, Florida. Watch the following video trailer to learn more….

Blow That Fucker Up
is available for pre-sale now at the nice price of $1.99 for the Amazon Kindle. As mentioned in the promo video, if you pre-buy Blow That Fucker Up it will automatically download to your Kindle device just after midnight on Christmas morning.

If you own a Barnes & Noble Nook, fear not. This title will be available on either the 25th or 26th of December. Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble does not offer a pre-buy option for eBook titles.

Let’s pump up the jam on this one. Go for the pre-buy option as the price will increase the day after Christmas.

Thank you to my loyal readers for your support. I wish you all a Happy Holiday season.

-Gregory Shultz-

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Panty Dropping Word: Concupiscence

Panty Dropping WordsWhat is a Panty Dropping Word? It’s a word that impresses the ladies at cocktail parties and happy hours. Only works on well-read women who possess the lethal combination of brains and beauty. Don’t waste such elegant vocabulary words on bimbo dullards. You’ll get nowhere fast.

And now I christen this feature of my website with this first entry:

This evening’s Panty Dropping Word is concupiscence.

Definition: strong desire, especially sexual desire

Pronunciation: \kän-ˈkyü-pə-sən(t)s, kən-\

Used in a sentence: “At times, when I skip my lithium doses, I become extremely concupiscent and wake up the next morning in a hotel room with an unfamiliar damsel lying next to me.”

This is a certified panty-dropper of a word. Commit it to memory, but only make sparing, judicious use of it. Sometimes it is better just to say to your lover “I’m really horny, baby.” It is perhaps better to use this word when apologizing for poor behavior: “Baby, you caught me red-handed. I’m not going to prevaricate about it. But you know me: When I become inebriated, I attain a state of concupiscence that I cannot control. Just ask my psychiatrist.” It is always better to use clinical jargon when trying to con your way out of a mess like this. As for a pickup line, you could use it thusly: “Hey darlin’, I don’t know about you, but those blue eyes and long legs of yours have me in a maddening state of concupiscence that knows only one remedy.” Just use your imagination. The sky is the limit with this word.


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